[Jinja, 26th May 2023] – The Uganda Canoe Federation (UCAF) is thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the highly anticipated River Nile Regatta held at Speke Camp Bujjagali in Jinja. The event, which took place on 26th May 2023, showcased the exceptional skills and competitive spirit of canoeing and kayaking athletes from across the region.

Mr. Lwanga Robert, President of UCAF, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the athletes for their outstanding participation and remarkable performances during the River Nile Regatta. Despite the short notice, their dedication and sportsmanship shone through, contributing to the success of the event. 

In addition to celebrating the athletes’ achievements, UCAF extends its sincere congratulations to the winners of the men’s finals in the Kayak Single (500M) sprint event:

1st Place: Bangili Musa – Time: 06:35:25

2nd Place: Mugole Brian – Time: 06:35:30

3rd Place: Tusubira Coreb – Time: 06:40:24

These exceptional athletes showcased their dedication, skill, and passion, setting an example for the future generation of canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts.

The River Nile Regatta brought together a multitude of spectators who showed unwavering support for the athletes and the sport. UCAF expresses gratitude to the masses for their overwhelming presence and continued commitment to promoting canoeing and kayaking in Uganda.

Looking ahead, UCAF is pleased to announce that the outstanding athletes from the River Nile Regatta will be invited to compete in the upcoming national qualifiers scheduled for August. This opportunity further emphasizes UCAF’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing a platform for athletes to showcase their skills at the national level. Mr. Robert encourages the athletes to seize this chance, highlighting the importance of continued training, dedication, and perseverance in their pursuit of excellence.

The success of the River Nile Regatta would not have been possible without the support and collaboration of UCAF’s esteemed partners, Kayak the Nile and Jinja City Council. UCAF extends its sincere gratitude to them for their invaluable contributions, which played a crucial role in making this event a resounding success.

As UCAF continues its commitment to fostering growth and talent in canoeing and kayaking, events like the River Nile Regatta serve as essential platforms for athletes to showcase their skills and elevate the sport to new heights. The federation remains dedicated to nurturing young athletes, organizing competitions, and promoting canoeing and kayaking across Uganda.

For more information about UCAF and upcoming canoeing and kayaking events, please visit the UCAF website at canoeuganda.org

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